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A better way to fill canceled appointments for tattoo artists

Spot Squid makes it easy to fill canceled appointments on short notice. Easily alert current clients and people on your waitlist when you have an opening. No more wading through tons of DMs. Fill your spot with Spot Squid

It happens

Canceled Spot? Short Notice?

Spot Squid lets you manage your clients and cancellations lists easier than ever before.

Spend More Time Tattooing

Have a cancellation with short notice?

Cancellations happen all the time. Spot Squid let you create client lists to contact when you have an opening with short notice. With alerts sent either with text message or email, your clients can claim your spot with a single click. No more wading through tons of DMs, reach out to your waitlist or in-progress list to offer spots to your best clients first.

SMS Notifications

Send text message alerts directly to your clients without having to install any apps.

Email Notifications

Deliver email notifications directly to a client list. Email and text messaging are consistently the highest converting channels for reaching your clients.

Better Client List Management

Spot Squid allows you to create and manage different list of clients. In-progress, Single Session, Waitlists are some examples of lists our artists maintain. Create a list open to the public that allows anyone to sign up to get notified when you have an opening. No more blasting out openings to thousands of people on social media platforms.

More money, More tattooing...Less Instagram

We’re here to help

We make tools to let tattoo artists spend more time doing what they love and less time with booking. Build stronger relationships with you best clients create easier ways to build a list of new clients. If you'd like to know more, or want to tell us about your biggest headaches with booking, we'd love to hear from you.